Vince Bacchi was very helpful

Walter E.

Vince and MVB Mortgage served us very well! We look forward to working with them again and recommending them to others!

Dawn E.

Outstanding service from everyone involved in our refinance.

Maryanne N.

We have used MVB and Vince in particular. Always good guidance and great customer service.

Richard E.

Tony was recommended by my parents and I am so happy that they did. He was quick to respond even on weekends when I needed something urgently. My realtor said that he was excellent and she really appreciated all of his work.

Sarah K.

The whole process and communication was great.

Christopher Q.

Vince, Tony, and Debbie were all very helpful and professional in providing all our loan needs in a clear and extremely timely manner, never have done a long distance real estate transaction until now and they all made the process easy

Joseph C.

Vince is very responsive, as well as his team. I always felt I was in good hands, and the mortgage process, which normally can be painful, was seamless and done with ease. Highly recommend Vince and his team.

Corey R.

Both Vince and Tony were exceptional Questions answered in detail and most of the time before they were asked. There wasn't any confusion or need for concern about the loan process from beginning to end.

Ronnie L.

Mr. Bacchi lead us through the entire process in get the loan approved. He always took the time to answer any questions that I had. The entire staff assigned to our application always took our calls and answered our questions timely and professionally.

Robert J.

Vince and Tony and Debbie were once again stellar in every aspect of the loan process! Having been a 30 year Loan Officer and Processor, it is easy to factually know the level of service they provide as honest and reputable as it gets! We are immensely grateful, every time we seek them out, that they are still in the Mortgage business with MVB! Joe and Rhonda Drake

Joseph D.

MVB was stellar. All procedures were handled expertly and I was kept informed of all aspects of the process. MVB expertly carried me through the process.

Laura E.

Vince Bacchi works very hard to make sure everything is communicated and customer service is provided at the highest level. .

Denise C.

The knowledge and attention given by Vince Bacchi was excellent. and made the process much easier to understand. .

Kenneth P.

Everyone with whom we had contact acted in an utmost professional manner. They were ready with answers for any questions we had, and they were most accommodating when we had requests. .

Kurt E.

Everyone associated with MVB was highly Professional and diligent about getting our loan processed and completed. I would highly recommend them to others for their individual loan needs.

Carl S.

Thing worked out great, Tony P took the time to explain everything and worked to make everything very easy

Ronald R.

Everyone was very helpful , we hadn’t applied for a mortgage in 42 years so it was like a new experience for us .

Edward M.

My experience with MVB Mortgage was outstanding and Vince made me feel right at home and was always willing to help me in all the paper work and all the steps that I had to do. If I had to do it all over again it would be with MVB Mortgage. Also the home office was outstanding. I thank you all. I highly recommend MVB to family, friends, and business associates.

Patrick P.

Excellent communications, timely responses, and completing the entire process in less than 3 weeks! Simply amazing!

Philip K.

Vince Bacchi was very assuring and made the process of acquiring a mortgage smooth and easy. Thank you!!

Susan B.

I came to MVB with no knowledge of the loan process and I have never owned a home before. MVB made this process timely and easy. They provided me with assistance all the to closing. I highly recommend MVB to anyone looking to purchase a home. [VA loan]

Laura B.

Overall experience was excellent. Vince was on top of things from the beginning. Excellent service continued until the task was complete.

Michelle F.

The loan process with MVB Mortgage was a very positive experience from the initial contact to closing. Vince Bacchi and Beverly Delph were very professional and knowledgeable, and I highly recommend MVB.

Marilyn H.

“My husband and my experience working with Vince Bacchi has been exceptional. From the time we purchased our lot, had our home built, and concluded with the permanent loan, Vince was always available with accurate, and timely information. Whether it was explaining the process, giving us suggestions, or answering my multitude of questions, he never wavered in getting us the correct answers. His obvious experience in all levels of the mortgage lending business gave us confidence and I believe it was well founded. So, thanks, Vince. I know others you work with will be just as satisfied.”

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey G.

Excellent service by Vince and the MVB team especially considering we live in New York and were obtaining a mortgage for property in North Carolina.

Clifford W.

Vince and his team were excellent. We were provided answers to all of our questions (including on the weekends). They made sure every deadline was met and the closing went smooth.

Thomas F.

We made an offer late on a Saturday and by that night Vince Bacchi had reached out to us to get started on getting a commitment. Katherine McKinney kept the process on task right up to the very last days. Thanks you all.

Alan K.

Vince Bacchi was so very helpful in all aspects of our new mortgage.

Billy B.

Very professional people with positive attitudes. Made the loan process fast and easy to understand.

Brenda P.

Team Bacchi was friendly, very helpful and understanding.

Douglas D.

Tony was so helpful explaining anything I didn't understand and always right there to answer any questions. He kept in touch throughout the whole process.

Ronald R.

Vince did a wonderful job walking me thru the process from start to finish. Very prompt in answering questions. Helped ease my stress of getting a mortgage

Kathryn C.

The best part of my home buying experience was working with Tony Perez. After a very frustrating experience working with another mortgage provider, Tony successfully guide us through the process in an extremely professional and personable manner.

Stephen E.

Absolutely wonderful, great communication, always available to answer any questions or concerns. Thank you all for making this a less stressful process.

Diana B.

This is the second mortgage we have processed through Vince. Our calls/emails were answered promptly. Vince and his team provide a high level of service and made the whole process extremely easy. Thank you !!!

Marcia W.​

Our experience with MVB was excellent. We were out-of-state and worried that this would create issues; however, the process was very smooth and better than our other previous experiences in buying a home within state.

Pamela S.

Vince was awesome to work with.

Rocco M.

I had a wonderful experience from start to finish! My calls were returned quickly and my emails as well. Any of my questions were answered to my satisfaction as well as in a professional manner. MVB Mortgage made me feel special as well as important, and as a former real estate agent, I was very impressed!

Linda D.

MVB has gone above and beyond to help with the acquisition of my home and I couldn't be happier as a result of their efforts. This is an excellent company!

Laura E.

Vince was great. He explained every part of the process of our loan and was prompt in getting back to us whenever we needed to talk to him.

Matthew A.

Dealing with Vince Bacchi and MVB Mortgage was a great experience. Our purchase was complicated by us living 400 miles from our new home and in a totally different state. We were able to close on our dream home and are very happy.

Marie R.

“Thank you so much for the stamp! That is one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever done. You truly are a personal banker and go the extra mile. I will always remember and pass on your name. We would not have our beautiful home if it were not for your very devoted and compassionate help. We cannot thank you enough!”

Kim M.

Everything went very smoothly from beginning to end.

Caron B.

“Hi Vince, first of all let me thank you for the gift of a new address stamp. That’s an awesome gift for newcomers and greatly appreciated! Thanks so much. We are all settled into Waterford and just love our home, the people and the weather. It was a great move for us. Your help was priceless during our settlement time and I have been talking about you with others who ask me about our move. I want to send you a referral

Richie and Karen G.

The response time for questions was excellent. I was surprised how much information was required considering the large down payment we made. However, I understand there are rules and regulation that must be followed. Overall great service.